Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy, Aromatherapy, Chi/Deep tissue Massage, Health/Life Counselling, Tesla Metamorphosis Healing

Everything is Energy/Chi/Prana. Our physical body is condensed Energy. Our thought formations, intentions, emotions are less-condensed energy. Our essence is Energy. Healing is to return to our Natural State. In that state, when there is a free flow of Energy/Chi inside the physical body effortlessly communicating with the outside Energy/Chi. So there is no inside and outside ....

Eszter is an overseas trained Medical Doctor, practicing as a Natural Therapist. Following her inspiration to facilitate healing with natural therapies has led her to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture. The consultation involves exploring the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of the whole person. Advice is given on nutrition, lifestyle and prevention. Chi Massage is a deep tissue therapy, removing blockages from the flow of Chi. Releasing muscle tension can enable us to release emotional issues – in a form of tears of laughter. This method cleanses, revitalises and detoxifies the organ systems of the body. Relaxation Massage uses a flowing form of body sweep to reduce the built up of stress related symptoms of muscle tension, aches and pains.

Tesla Metamorphosis Healing has the intent to bring the frequency of light in human body into perfect balance. It uses Tesla Waves, named after Nikola Tesla, which, unlike Hertzian, get stronger with distance. The frequencies of Tesla Waves can enhance the frequency level of the consciousness to a higher level. When we elevate our consciousness level, there is more available for us out there.

Any illness being manifested physically, mentally or emotionally is a result of an imbalance of the Universal Life Force/Chi within the body which is visible as a frequency of light. Once the balance of the light is re-established the healing takes place.

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Sessions available Saturday 12.30pm - 5pm

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