The Wellspring - Warburton has been created by a passionate group of individuals led by the inspirational Belinda Lloyd.

The Wellspring - Warburton is a centre for integrated health and wellbeing services in beautiful surrounds,  located in Warburton, Victoria.

 We provide affordable spaces for health and wellbeing practitioners who are dedicated to serving the local and broader communities.

Special events, retreats and workshops are hosted here regularly on both weekends and weekdays. Private sessions in a variety of modalities - counselling, acupuncture, mindfulness, pregnancy and birthing support and more are available or coming soon.

We offer three consulting rooms, a community dining/meeting/seating area with adjoining office/pop up shop flexible space and an upstairs yoga/meditation/group studio (adjoining the rail trail) accommodating 12 spaciously for yoga (up to 20 if more closely spaced) and 40 or more for seated seminars.

Please be in touch if you are interested in practising at The Wellspring as a health and wellness practitioner, with any ideas or enquiries or if you are interested in getting involved in evolving this precious community asset.

We look forward to updating you regularly with information on services, yoga timetable and special events.

Kindest Regards,

The Wellspring Warburton Committee.

The Wellspring - Warburton Committee



Belinda is a yoga and mindfulness teacher, credentialed mental health nurse, Warburton community member and chair of the Warburton Health Spaces board. She initiated the Wellspring project in 2012 and is thrilled that it has at last come to fruition.


Sue has recently retired after many years of working in the Aged Care industry,  both as a carer, and in more recent times in an administration/finance role. Through her own experience of finding incredible support through mindfulness and counselling Sue knows first hand how important it is to have these services and practitioners available to our community. Sue is Secretary of Warburton Health Spaces.  She is really enjoying being part of a somethingvery special and seeing The Wellspring-Warburton come to life.


Paige is a high school teacher who moved to Warburton in 2002.  She is interested in yoga, mindfulness and dance as health and wellbeing practices. She believes that health and wellbeing is not only an individual concern, but also a community one, and that health services should be available to all; thus her interest in The Wellspring-Warburton project. 



Kris is a retired Steiner teacher who came to live in Warburton in 2015.  She loves yoga, meditation and gardening.  She is responsible for the garden at the Wellspring-Warbuton.



Lana is a Reiki Master and HypnoBirthing Instructor here at the Wellspring.
She has recently been appointed general manager and is loving her new role supporting the practitioners to assist the larger community on their path to wellness.